K3D print superlichte 3D metaal handrem voor solar car Stella voor Solar team Eindhoven

20 oct. 2019, Solar Team Eindhoven;

YES, WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS! We scored 111.7 points on efficiency and 93.1 points for practicality, resulting in the first place with a total score of 103.9! With Stella Era, we are officially the winners of the Cruiser Class! This edition of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge showed that it is not just about the 3022-kilometer race from Darwin to Adelaide. Above all, it is about the innovations that are developed, the team spirit within and between teams, the amazing concepts that are presented, and pushing the limits of technology. The challenge stimulates innovations for sustainable mobility and we are incredibly proud to have contributed to that! Major thanks to our partners, our supporters and everyone who has contributed to Stella Era and the team.

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Jaap Bulsink
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