Masters in 3D Metal Printing


Wire Laser Metal Deposition (wLMD)

We print various materials with Wire Laser Metal Deposition using wire and six lasers. WLMD is a Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process that works by precisely stacking wire-shaped weld beads as they are introduced into the weld pool generated by the laser. K3D has one standalone printer, the M450. In addition, one print head is attached to a robot, the so-called robot integration.

Standalone Printer M450

The standalone printer works with a fixed head and a base plate, which can move in the x, y and z directions.

Robot integration

The robot integration consists of a print head linked to a 6-axis robot and a 2-axis positioner. With this setup we can make very complex parts with infinite degrees of freedom

The materials

  • Stainless steel SS316L
  • Mild Steel ER70S6
  • Titanium *64
  • Nickel 718
  • Nickel** 718

* Stress-relieving heat treatment and
**aging heat treatment.

The printing process

  1. A base plate is installed for printing. An existing part can also be installed and modified by printing on top of it.
  2. The robot moves to the correct position and sends a signal to the print head to start printing.
  3. Argon is switched on (shielding gas), the wire is supplied and the lasers are switched on.
  4. At the same time, the robot follows the tool path.
    At the end of each layer, the print head retracts the thread and turns off the lasers.
  5. The robot moves to the next layer.
  6. The process repeats until the entire part is made.

The process

The printing process is an extensive procedure that exists
of five crucial phases – from design to quality control.
Each stage is vital to ensure that your...
command is executed correctly.

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