The Peltchair - Sit, Relax, Illuminate

The climate is changing more and more, mainly due to the rapid rise in CO2 levels. In response to this change, Studio Synergy and designer Lilian van Daal introduced the Peltchair - not part of the problem, but a solution. We were allowed to print a part for this interesting project.

The Peltchair - Your Own Energy Source

The Peltchair generates electricity through the user's body heat and illuminates itself organically with this generated energy. Made from natural materials like copper and aluminum, this chair converts heat flowing through it into electricity, causing the chair to softly glow when seated upon. The illumination intensity depends on the amount of generated electricity, influenced by the temperature difference between the body and the surroundings. The unique aspect is that this energy production is entirely automatic – sit down, relax and power the world of the future.

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