Masters in 3D Metal Printing


Our locations

K3D currently has two production locations, Terborg and Eindhoven, and is building a network of local K3D Printing Technology Centers in the Netherlands. Proven success will lead to a further rollout abroad.


In September 2016, our parent company Kaak Group (now Royal Kaak), bought one of Additive Industries’ first MetalFAB1 metal printers to produce parts for bread baking lines in stainless steel and tool steel. This printer was placed at our location in Terborg. We now have a second metal printer, and after the privatization, Terborg became the first location of K3D.

K3D Terborg
Varsseveldseweg 20a
7061 GA Terborg (NL)
+31 (0)315 339432

Brainport Campus Eindhoven

K3D decided to set up a second branch in Eindhoven in addition to the thriving print center in Terborg. Here, we operate through a collaboration with NTS, KMWE, Additive Industries, and Machinefabriek De Valk, called K3D-AddFab. Since 2020, K3D-AddFab has been operational on the Brainport Industries Campus at the heart of the manufacturing industry. For more information, visit: 

K3D Eindhoven
5657 BX Eindhoven (NL)
+31 (0)40 2578450

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