Masters in 3D Metal Printing


Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)

We print various materials with Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology, which uses four lasers to melt powder into solid material. K3D uses industrial automated equipment to ensure consistent quality at a competitive price. The mechanical properties of 3D printed parts exceed those of cast materials. Laser Powder Bed Fusion requires support structures to secure the part to the build plate and to adequately dissipate heat. K3D can remove this support and a lot of it

The materials

  • Stainless steel SS316L
  • Aluminum AISi10Mg
  • Maraging steel M300
  • Titanium TiaI6V4

The printing process

  1. A layer of metal powder (usually 0.05 mm thick) is spread over the build platform.
  2. Four lasers fuse the first layer or first cross-section of the model.
  3. The build platform drops 0.05 mm.
  4. A new layer of powder is spread over the previous layer.
  5. Additional layers or cross-sections are melted and added.
  6. The process repeats until the entire part is made. The loose (unmelted) powder is automatically extracted, after which it is sieved and can be used again.

The process

The printing process is an extensive procedure consisting of five crucial phases – from design to quality control.
Each stage is vital to ensure that your...
command is executed correctly.

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