Masters in 3D Metal Printing


PTC Network

K3D believes in sharing knowledge. For this purpose, we have set up Printing Technology Centers (PTC). In these centers, we share what we know about setting up an interesting business case and our experience with the developing and printing process.

The very first PTC was established in Terborg in the Achterhoek in 2016. Five leading companies and two regional knowledge centers participate in this PTC. Because we wish to be the leading partner for 3D metal printing in the Netherlands, K3D explicitly looks beyond regional borders. A second PTC opened its doors in Eindhoven in 2019. These centers offer companies from the following industries low-threshold access to 3D printing knowledge and printing capacity:

  • Machinery industry
  • High-tech industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Medical industry
  • food tech industry

You’re welcome to participate in our PTCs as well. We’re excited to learn more about your industry knowledge and experience.

Want to participate? Please contact us.

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