Innovators in 3D Metal Printing



3D metal printing is ideal for producing prototypes or parts in smaller runs that are needed quickly. Thorough engineering ensures that the design is suitable for 3D metal printing and, more importantly, that the product has an improved performance. Our designers and engineers are ready to work with you to develop an optimal product. Based on our expertise and experience and by thinking 'out of the box', we can bring just that little bit extra to successfully deploy 3D metal printing with the use of the many advantages that this technique has to offer.

Example joint business case development:

1. As a first step, we map out the background information together and we look at the goal of 3D metal printing and we discuss the different options. 

2. After jointly mapping out the free design space, functional points and occurring forces, K3D gets to work on realizing an optimized redesign for 3D metal printing. 

3. In consultation, several iterations are carried out and then the redesign is produced. 

4. In consultation, K3D can additionally provide necessary finishing or surface treatments.
5. Finally, an impact analysis is performed on the optimized model together with the customer.