Internship at K3D | Bass and Max

These are our interns Bas and Maxim. They follow the training technician engineering (BOL level 4) at the Graafschap College in Doetinchem. Bas is in his second year of study and is following the specialization mechatronics, he watches and works with us for 10 weeks. Maxim strengthens us for a longer period, namely 20 weeks. He is in his third year of study and has chosen to specialize in product engineering. In addition to the daily work, he is also working on a project, namely how can production be simplified?

The gentlemen strengthen our colleagues Bob and Yannick in the workshop. They are busy with the post-processing of various products on a daily basis. They are happy to tell you how they experience their internship! You can read that below.  

Bas: “This internship offers me the opportunity to gain a lot of practical experience, which gives me a lot of freedom, so I learn a lot. I also work a lot with colleagues, which makes it fun every day.”

Maxim: “I experience it as a fun internship, where I get the chance to learn a lot. In addition, at K3D you get a lot of freedom and responsibilities, which gives you the opportunity to develop yourself.”

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