Collaboration with Top Dutch Solar Racing – Driving the Future

Innovative applications of 3D metal printing in Automotive - A partnership with the Top Dutch Solar Racing Team. Discover how the automotive industry is being revolutionised with the integration of 3D metal printed parts. In partnership with the Top Dutch Solar Racing Team, we printed high-quality parts for an advanced solar car. Dive into the world of innovation, where advanced technologies come together and where we push the limits of performance and efficiency.

Since 1987, solar cars have been in the process of development, demonstrating their endurance in covering difficult distances using solar energy. Top Dutch Solar Racing faced the challenge of creating a compact and lightweight solar car, exemplified by the complexity of the suspension system design. Traditional machining is effective, but expensive and time-consuming. When looking for alternatives, the team explored 3D printing in partnership with us. This innovative technology makes it possible to create optimal, lightweight parts with complicated shapes.

Read the Top Dutch Solar Racing Team's blog about the 3D printing process and discover their enthusiasm about the possibilities of optimizing the car, with a special focus on driver safety.

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