CIRCLES and K3D start demonstration scheme for 3D metal printing for the manufacturing industry in Gelderland

CIRCLES and K3D start demonstration scheme for 3D metal printing for the manufacturing industry in Gelderland

Huge reduction in material use possible for Gelderland manufacturing industry

Companies in the (manufacturing) industry in Gelderland that want to gain experience with the possibilities of 3D metal printing will soon be able to get acquainted with this technology in an accessible way. Thanks to a subsidy from the province of Gelderland and cooperation between CIRCLES – the platform for circular entrepreneurship in the east of the Netherlands – and K3D, registration will be opened during the Week of the Circular Economy for knowledge training, specific engineering training or for developing a business case with 3D metal printing.

Sensible use of materials naturally starts with the design process. 3D-Printing offers radically different possibilities for designing components and products, with the central point being that a significant reduction in material use can be the result, while maintaining the same constructive and functional properties. While 3D printing in plastics has been introduced for some time, metal printing is also increasingly becoming an industrial process. CIRCLES and K3D are therefore introducing the 3D printing demonstration scheme during the Week of the Circular Economy (3 to 7 February).

Demonstration scheme for manufacturing companies in Gelderland

The demonstration scheme consists of three options. Entrepreneurs can follow a general training of half a day to become acquainted with the technology, or opt for a specific engineering training additive manufacturing, which includes design rules for re-design. A third possibility is the development of a business case, whereby a 3D metal print of the redesign is realized.

More information and registration

You will find more information about the demonstration scheme on the website. Interested companies can register from today via the contact form on that site or sign up

register for the 1st round table circular manufacturing industry on March 18, where we will be introduced to this technology at K3D in Terborg.

3D printing an integral part of the circular economy

If we are to believe the predictions, around the year 2040, 30% of world trade will have been replaced by 3D printed parts. The benefits of 3D printing are many and much discussed. The technology enables both small-scale production and mass production. But at least as important are the sustainable properties of the production technology. For example, no more material is used than is necessary, so that no waste is created during the production process. At the same time, it is no longer necessary to keep stocks because products can be produced locally. And that in turn saves transport-related CO2 emissions because goods are not imported from another continent. The Kaak Group in Terborg has launched a chain of metal printers from Additive Industries under the name K3D. At the moment there are two in the Netherlands, of which 1 is located in Terborg.

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Christian Lorist, Program Manager CIRCLES

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