Innovators in 3D Metal Printing


Specialists in 3D metal printing

K3D is part of Royal Kaak. Kaak (Terborg) has had experience in bakery technology since 1846–from stand-alone machines to integrated approaches for complex and automated bakery lines. At K3D, we soon realized the advantages of 3D metal printing, and we became one of the first suppliers in this field.

Because we believe working together means working smarter, we are happy to share our knowledge. At our Print Technology Centers, our young and talented colleagues are ready to take you further in 3D metal printing. We have been at the forefront of this market since 2014, and our unparalleled experience is reflected by more than 350 detailed business cases and over 150,000 printed products.

  • MetalFAB1: the first industrial metal printer in the Netherlands
  • Printing Technology Centers at Strategic Locations
  • Advanced software and simulation packages
  • Experience with Addlab and collaborations with various leading parties in 3D printing
  • Over 150,000 3D-printed products
  • Over 350 business cases
  • Subsidiary of the renowned Royal Kaak
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