3D printed footrests for Yannick

One of the advantages of 3D metal printing is the ability to easily have your own design printed, with a lot of design freedom. In situations where essential equipment is no longer available, 3D metal printing can be the solution, as was the case for dirt bike rider Yannick Waenink. By using the possibilities of 3D metal printing, we were able to design and produce personalized foot pegs. The result? A set of foot pegs that not only fit seamlessly but also improve the overall performance of the bike.

Performance Impact

After Yannick tested the 3D printed footpegs, he shared his experience: “The grip on my motorcycle has improved significantly. Printing these footpegs has shortened my lap time and given me more stability while racing.” This emphasizes the impact of small but crucial adjustments.

Customized solutions

Are you currently in a similar situation where original parts are no longer available? Please contact us and share your specifications. We work closely to design and print the perfect parts to meet your unique requirements.

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