Masters in 3D Metal Printing


Specialists in 3D metal printing

3D metal printing is an additive production process in which layers of metal powder are melted into a solid product by lasers. This is different from most production processes where material is removed or metal is poured into a mould. 3D metal printing makes it possible to manufacture complex and fine-grained models from metal very precisely. Ideal for the production of prototypes, which saves on the high costs of making a mould. 


K3D continuously innovates to improve our technology. Nowadays there are hardly any restrictions in metal printing. Not in terms of shape or complexity of the model. This makes 3D metal printing suitable for almost all industries and applications. This form of metalworking is ideal for small-run prototyping, complex parts and parts that need to be delivered quickly.


At K3D we are able to print many different metals. We offer you the following (metal) printing materials:  

  • Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
  • Maraging steel 1.2709 (tool steel)
  • Aluminum (AlSi10Mg)
  • Titanium (Ti6Al4V)
  • Inconel (In718)
We are happy to think along with you to determine which type of metal is most suitable for your 3D print.