The exchange of knowledge

K3D believes that ‘working together is working smarter’, which is why our PTCs focus on sharing our expertise. It is our pleasure to share what we know about creating an intriguing business case as well as our experience with the design and printing process. At the same time, we are interested in learning about your expertise and experiences in your own professional field.

Always adapting

Regardless of whether it involves the design, manufacturing or post-production phase, we are constantly making adjustments according to your preferences and using our unique knowledge to improve your product and process. At every stage, we will ask you critical questions, give you essential advice and assist you in taking the right matters into account. To top it all off, at K3D we make it very easy to contact us. If you want to meet in person, we are more than happy to visit you. Do you prefer discussing your project progress digitally? Not a problem. We work with you every step of the way, which is why we are comfortable saying that we truly are your partner in 3D metal printing.

Join the PTC network

The first PTC opened the doors in 2016, in the Achterhoek town of Terborg. Five leading companies and two knowledge centres in the region work with this PTC. Since our goal at K3D is to be the leading partner for 3D metal printing in the Netherlands, we specifically began looking beyond regional borders. The result was a second PTC in Eindhoven in 2019. We have no intentions to stop there. K3D intends on having five PTCs up and running before 2020. Our Centers provide businesses from the following sectors with easy access to 3D printing expertise and capacity:

  • Machinery
  • Advanced technology
  • Automotive
  • Air and space travel
  • Medical
  • Food tech

Our Consultants