K3D Academy


3D metal printing is a relatively new manufacturing technology. As such, we have made it our business to provide your business with the tools to learn the ins and outs of the industrial products that can be made using 3D metal printing. We provide training programmes in the following three areas:

  • Creating a 3D design
  • Developing a business case
  • The complete manufacturing process

Creating a 3D design

How do you design a 3D metal product or a component? During this programme, your design engineers will learn how to create a proper design drawing for the manufacturing of a 3D metal product or component.

Developing a business case

This training programme will teach you how to define and develop a business case for 3D metal printing. We will thoroughly go over all the basic functionalities of the products that you have developed. Why are you still making products the conventional way? K3D has already developed over 350 business cases for 3D metal printing: with our experience, we show you your existing products in a whole new light. We teach you how to ask the right questions beforehand, so that your efforts yield profitable business cases.

The complete manufacturing process

This programme is a combination of the ‘Creating a 3D design’ and ‘Developing a business case’ programmes mentioned above. This is the most comprehensive of our three courses. In it, you will learn everything there is to know about the manufacturing process for a 3D metal product: from creating a good design to the actual fabrication of the product, even the post-production.


Would you like to improve your knowledge of 3D metal printing? You should take one of our training courses! Please contact us to learn more about the available options.

Hoe ontwerpt u een (onderdeel van een) 3D-metaalproduct? In deze training leren uw design engineers een juiste ontwerptekening te maken voor het fabriceren van een 3D-metaalproduct(onderdeel).